Learning Disorders

Wondering why you child is not doing well at school?

At Therapy 4 Learning we are passionate about the treatment of learning problems and disorders. In fact the service developed out of a desire to provide better treatment for children experiencing learning problems, that is better assessment and treatment than we were able to initially access for our own child with learning problems.

At Therapy 4 Learning you will receive compassionate, timely and effective therapy for your child. Therapy 4 Learning works as part of a network of professionals with a special interest in this area, so we can also refer you to other professionals at your request.

Assessment of learning problems

Step one is to identify the specific difficulties your child is having (if you already have assessments bring them along). Then we discuss possible causes of your child`s problems. Many children with learning problems are of normal of above average intelligence but have specific problems that hinder their ability to flourish at school. There are many different types of learning disabilities including dyslexia, non- verbal learning disorder, auditory processing disorder and discalculia

What causes learning disorders?

There are many factors that cause learning problems including

  • anxiety
  • auditory processing problems
  • visual processing problems
  • language delay
  • sensory processing problems
  • developmental problems
  • behavioural problems
  • pain
  • genetic disorders
  • heavy metal and chemical exposure
  • thyroid problems
  • food intolerances
  • environmental deprivation
  • brain injuries
  • poor sleep
  • hypo-activity/ low muscle tone
  • hyperactivity
  • hyper-alertness
  • depression
  • bullying

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