Developmental Delay

What is developmental delay?

Children with developmental delay take longer to achieve their milestones of rolling, smiling, crawling, talking, and walking than other children. They do not fail to develop but each milestone takes longer to develop.  Developmental delay is rarely limited to one area of development and children often have difficulty learning to speak, socialise and read.

Developmental Delay is often the first sign that something is wrong and parents should be particularly concerned if a baby also has some of the following issues:

  • does not like being held
  • is very unsettled, difficult to console
  • is very difficult to get to sleep, and needs a lot of physical movement or rocking to get to sleep, or only sleeps for short periods of time.
  • has gut issues such as allergies, constipation, diarrhoea, or bad reflux.
  • has bad colic that does not resolve in a few weeks
  • does not like soft touch
  • is startled or easily upset by loud noises or bright lights
  • suffers from eczema or persistent nappy rash
  • is not interested in toys
  • is not interested in peoples faces
  • loss of developmental skills
  • a family history of developmental delay, allergies, autism, learning disorders, or digestive problems
  • a baby under 2 has frequent or severe “tantrums”

If you are worried about your child it is worth having your child assessed, as developmental delay responds well to treatment, and the earlier the intervention the more effective it is likely to be.

Most treatments are play based and can be designed as clinic or home based therapy programs. Therapy 4 Learning will also work with childcare professionals and kinder teachers to devise individuals goals and strategies to support your child’s developmental needs.

Therapy may also be provided within the childcare or kinder facility.

A full developmental assessment can be carried out by our Occupational Therapist an doctors referral is not essential.

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