Autism Spectrum Disorders


Current vacancies for FaHCSIA and NDIS clients.

Clinic and Home* based services available

New program lead by Carena Hulley – Paediatric Occupational Therapist. Carena is an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years clinical experience, she is also a parent of 4 children and has first hand experience of raising a child with neurodevelopment difficulties. Carena is a certified Floor time DIR  therapist and specialises in relationship and play based therapies. The program is based on the latest research into Autism and normal child development. Parents are supported to understand the developmental challenges faced by their children. Therapy provides children with opportunities to overcome these challenges, and strategies for parents to further support learning at home.

Details on fees


Therapy 4 Learning offers a variety of therapies for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and support for their parents.

Therapies offered suitable for infants, children and teenagers. Babies at risk due to family history or co-existing conditions most welcome.


How is Therapy 4 Learning different?

  1. We are optimistic about your child`s future, and have witnessed kids making amazing advances.
  2. Every child gets an individually designed therapy program that fits the needs of the child and family
  3. Therapy is evidence based- and built on a through up to date knowledge of the research.
  4. We understand how difficult the process of diagnosis and treatment can be on a family, the toll it can take on relationships, the reality of day to day life with a child with Autism.
  5. We also understand that many children with Autism may also have other difficulties such as sensory problems, learning problems, sleep problems, gastro intestinal problems, motor problems, frequent infections
  6. We know it is not your fault-  autism is not caused by poor parenting
  7. Programs are designed around the resources of the family.

Aims of therapies

  • To teach your child the skills they need to show emotional connection, to make friends, and succeed  form relationships
  • To help your child learn to communicate, play, learn and love
  • To increase your child’s functioning and independence
  • To assist your child to get the best possible educational experience
  • To teach parents skills they can implement in the home environment to reduce tantrums, improve communication, and improve social skills.
  • To support parents and provide education on ASD
  • To provide information on play based activities that help facilitate development

Interventions offered

  • Relationship based therapies
  • Positive behavioural support
  • Play Therapy
  • Applied behavioural analysis
  • Transition to school
  • Development of home, childcare, kinder and school based programs
  • Goal setting therapy
  • Skills training to teach your child developmentally appropriate skills such as getting dresses, getting ready for school
  • Feeding Therapy- to improve the range of foods your child will eat
  • Social skills training
  • Parent support and counselling
  • Identifying strengths and talents

*Home based services provided in North Melbourne, West Melbourne, Docklands, Carlton, Kensington, Parkville and Melbourne. Childcare, Kindergarten and School based services also offered. Travel fees apply to other suburbs.

Alternative approaches

Therapy 4 Learning works with a network of  health professional that are passionate about the treatment of children with Autism. Therapy 4 Learning can help you devise a program of treatment for your child that includes biomedical and dietary treatments. Therapy 4 Learning finds that these treatments often compliment the effectiveness of the therapies we offer.


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