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It is getting cold outside, so it is a great time to stay warm indoors and start a Fast For Word Program in your own home.

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Fast For Word is a web based therapy program designed by neuroscientists. New research shows that the brain can continue to develop, grow and change given  intensive stimulation. Fast for word can help children and adults develop better attention, better memory, improved reading skills and faster thinking. Fast for word is based on the new science of Neuroplasticity .

Fast For Word targets the skill deficits underpinning dyslexia and other learning problems.

Children spend 30 – 60 minutes 5 days per week working on the program. The program is overseen by a therapist who can provide support as needed. The program can be done at school and/ or home. The program is designed to look like computer games.

Children usually progress 1-2 academic years in only a few months.


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