Does My Child Need Help?

Could my child have a developmental problem, ADD, ADHD or Autism?

Developmental, learning , sensory processing and autistic disorders can be very difficult to diagnose in young children. Yet, many of the early signs of problems are very evident to parents. It can be very frustrating for parents who often have their concerns brushed off by health professionals. Parents are often told that all children develop at their own pace, boys are often slower to develop, that the child is being naughty, manipulative or attention seeking, or that the child is just spoilt. Unfortunately many health professional and educators still believe poor parenting to be the cause of all these problems.

The truth is that these problems can be caused or exacerbated by many many factors. These conditions can also be successfully treated.

You do not need a diagnosis to start treating your child’s difficulties. The younger the child the better the effectiveness of treatment.

The earlier you get help the better the outcomes for the child.

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