Arrowsmith School


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Therapy 4 Learning is a big fan of the Arrowsmith School program for children with  children with learning disabilities. The Arrowsmith Program  utilise the brains amazing powers of neuroplasticity to develop cognitive skills and overcome learning problems. Therapy 4 Learning can also help you build a home based program built on the scientific principles of the Arrowsmith Program. For further information on Arrowsmith and similar programs please contact us on 0400817407.

There are now schools offering Arrowsmith programs to children and adults throughout Victoria.  Therapy 4 Learning offers therapies based on the principles of Neuroplasticity and a broad range of other therapies for children with academic or learning difficulties. We can devise a program you can use at home, or advice teachers on how the principles of neuroplasticity can be used in the classroom.

But as a parent of a child with a learning disability, what I really want, is more Arrowsmith Schools in Melbourne. If you would like to help bring Arrowsmith to Melbourne or you have a child who may benefit please email Therapy 4 Learning so we can start building a campaign to get this wonderful resource for our children. hop to blog This is a wonderful program so please help in anyway you can.

An Arrowsmith Advocacy group is active trying to get more Arrowsmith programs in Victoria. If you would like to join this group please email Therapy 4 Learning.


To find out more about the school, please follow this link to the Arrowsmith School website.

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